Come and realize your dreams !!!

We have profile and date base of more than 29000 model & actors with casting directors , production houses and channels on board.
  • We have more than 1200 Qualified Female models for Ramps, Ads, Commercial, Print shoot and new media
  • We have more than 2000 Qualified Male models for Ramps, Ads, Commercial, Print shoot and new media .
  • We have Models and actors of Age 5 years to 75years of age for our clients and their products.
  • Casting No Couch has more 3900 trained actors male and female as our registered members and we promote them after clarity, vision and giving information and workshops on acting, polishing techniques , Personality development , Grooming and styling.
  • We try and make them perfect enough to get selected in each audition they face.
  • We see that each one of our talents get a fair chance in the field of media and entertainment industry.
  • We make sure that they are confident and can at least face auditions / screen tests & and work on their minus points in career or work.
  • We try to give them the comfort zone for them to be honest and clear in life.
  • Our basic ambition is to try and make everyone's dream come true !!!
  • As our name suggests we believe on Ethics of NO COUCH and we work towards building Faith and belief in themselves !!
We believe in less work but quality work with best of our clients, channels , production houses and companies or individuals.
  • Casting with us
  • We do specific auditions and screen test with talent by providing them right time and clarity. We do not do random, open audition at all. We give selected and quality talent.
  • Normal Casting
People start casting when they make some contacts and call for random auditions to any place and for their own benefit.
We for You !!
  • People come and people go , BUT we want you to make the most !!!
  • We give clarity and clear the clouds , we make you understand how to achieve your dreams.
  • We Only do specific and automated casting with Hollywood casting system which has made right casting and work easier.
  • We Believe IF YOU EARN – WE EARN Policy !
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