Premium Personal Training with Joe

For highly motivated people who want a serious jump start and top results. Highly limited availability, call for current rates and a trial session.

  • 16 WEEK SERIES: (64 sessions) four days per week.
  • 8 WEEK SERIES: (32 sessions) four days per week.
  • 4 WEEK SERIES: (16 sessions) four days per week.

ACCELERATED SERIES: Any series can be accelerated to 5 or 6 sessions per week for even faster results.

  • All personal training packages come with a custom designed nutritional plan.
  • Above packages are also available in 2 or 3 sessions per week format.
  • Individual sessions with no package commitment are also available.

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FIX ME” Consultation: A single meeting in which I analyze, update and optimize your current training and nutrition program so you get 100% return on your efforts.

Starter Program: A single meeting in which I create a workout and nutritional program designed uniquely for your goals. Can add 1-3 workouts to go over the exercises and form.

– Starter Program Options: Rapid Fat Loss, Wellness / Anti-Aging, Bodybuilding / Size and Strength, Sports Performance, Endurance

Weekly Coaching: We meet once per week to monitor your progress and update your training and nutrition. Goes with FIX ME or Starter Program.

Physique Competition / Bodybuilding Posing Coaching: Posing prep is very important. Recommend 4 or more sessions, up to 30 min each. We can also check bodyfat%.

Home Gym Design: I’ll help you optimize your current home gym or help you design one.

Nutrition Coaching: Custom-designed nutritional program and optional weekly checkups to help you achieve your goals and suit your lifestyle.


8 WEEK ULTIMATE BODY MAKEOVER – This is Joe’s flagship program.

See the before and after photos section for examples of clients’ results.

21 DAY RAPID FAT LOSS: This program is extremely effective. 4-6 days personal training / week. Clients have lost up to 12lbs on this package.

biggest LOSER weight loss program

No one will recognize you when we are done! Results to rival the TV show. Minimum 4 month commitment.


I don’t need to explain my expertise here, do I? Training, diet, posing. Precontest / Offseason. Click here

Special Forces Conditioning: Specialized training program to get you ready for special forces, police or fire academy , air/sea search and rescue etc.


Joe’s extensive athletic background makes him the ideal strength trainer for football, baseball, basketball. Joe can train professionals individually or groups of student athletes at a time.


Workouts and lifestyle consulting to optimize your strength, mobility, energy and wellness.

LOCATION: Joe’s primary gym is located in Lighthouse Point, Florida and is conveniently accessible to residents of Broward County including: