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Hillsboro Beach Personal Trainer: Motivation for Fitness

By Hillsboro Beach personal trainer Joe Kozma –

Motivation is the difference between sitting on your rear end in front of the television doing nothing and dutifully completing your pre-planned scientific workout every day. The question is how do we improve and optimize motivation so we can attain our fitness goals? There are a number of things that we can do to optimize our own motivation. The most powerful thing we can do to improve motivation is to stand in front of the mirror naked and honestly assess our own fitness level.

  • Do you look good naked?
  • Do you look good in a bathing suit?
  • Do you look good in your clothes?

If we honestly assess our fitness levels we can help you to do the things necessary to improve our appearance and health.

Take a photograph of yourself in your present condition and put it in a place that will force you to confront the truth about your present fitness levels. I am not saying put a naked picture of yourself in a prominent place in your home but put a picture up in a level of dress that forces you to deal with reality. A good place to post that picture would be on the fridge since each time you eat at home you will be confronted with enough unpleasant reality to motivate you to remain on you high protein-low carb diet. Put another picture up in the room where you sit and watch television, this will be done to motivate you to get off of the couch and go to the gym to do your workout. Use unpleasant reality to help you, to drive you, to force you to change your fitness levels for the positive. Do these things and success will become more than a remote possibility for you, it will become your reality.

Using motivational movies and other sources of media can help you greatly in your quest to attain your fitness goals. I know it sounds corny, but watch any of the first three Rocky movies and see if you are not more motivated to do your workouts in a vigorous manner. I will give a personal tip, read Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book “Education of a Bodybuilder,” I have never read anything that motivates me as much as that book and the amazing thing is that I have read it at least fifty times and it still has the same effect on me as it did the first time I read it.

Pick a book or video by someone that you find motivating and use the power of these tools to help you attain and preserve the mindset necessary to attain physical change. Motivation is something that can be optimized and developed by using the techniques I have written in this article and without it no change can be made. Sign up for personal training near Hillsboro Beach!

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Hillsboro Beach Fitness and Weight Loss

Guaranteed Get Skinny Workout


I have been training people for a long time, and I have a workout that is of the highest possible effectiveness at creating weight loss and a great looking physique. Now I must say that no one can lose weight if they are habitually drinking alcohol, or dining on nutritional abominations such as fast food. No one can lose weight if they make a habit of eating comfort food, or have an addiction to ethnic foods of different types which almost always contain mega calories consisting of fat and starch. A healthy eating plan, low in fat and starch, will always work great with this workout plan.

This workout is not primarily designed to build muscle, it will tone muscle but it is overwhelmingly designed for reduction. It has created awesome results in people who have never gotten satisfactory results, from any other training program. This workout if timed correctly, that is, is done at a specific time of day has been extremely effective at reducing appetite and hunger. It burns a lot of calories so you can see, from a mathematical perspective, if we reduce appetite and hunger, reduce calories eaten, and burn a lot of calories from the workout, weight loss is the inevitable result.

This workout involves no weights or gyms, just a soccer or football field, even a beach or a large backyard with a flat surface would do. I like to have a bench or picnic table around to do some calisthenics on.  I will reveal to you the basic setup of the workout, some details are considered by me to be trade secrets, and thus they only get to be revealed to people I am working with.

The workout starts out with an extensive set of stretches covering the body as a whole to get your body ready for the work that is coming it takes about fifteen to twenty minutes, then the calisthenics get done; these are about toning the muscles of the upper body, and abs, and warming up the lower body.

The mainstay of these workouts are sprints, so we begin with ten twenty yard dashes. We set the beginning and end point with boundaries, I usually use towels, the ten twenty yard dashes are done in this way…. We sprint twenty yards fast, then we walk back to the beginning and do it again. By the end of ten twenty yard dashes, most people are at a high rate of respiration, and are sweating pretty good. I like people to wear heart rate monitors just so I can be precise in the right amount of rest in between the sprints, and also protect my people from potential overexertion.

Next we move into forty yard dashes, sprinting forty yards hard and fast, then walking on the way back. As an individual’s conditioning increases, people inevitably become able to jog back to the starting point instead of walking. Increasing conditioning always moves forward as time goes on, given there is consistency, regarding number of training sessions per week. Now for most new people, the sprinting part ends here, as they are pretty well spent from the volume and intensity of the work.

Some people require more work to get them to the level of intensity they need to attain their goals. I have such people do hundred yard dashes, using the same methodology as I used on the twenties and forties. Anywhere between one to ten, hundred yard dashes, depending on the individual’s conditioning level.

Do this workout three to four times a week and weight reduction and muscle toning are the inevitable result. It is an appetite killer too. This has created life changing results in clients, who did not get what they wanted out of gym workouts. This is a workout you should most certainly try. Try it under the instruction of an experienced trainer.

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A: Joe’s program provides the most rapid and efficient results through superior training techniques, motivation and nutritional management.

1: Most trainers train their clients the same way that they train themselves without any thought given to the uniqueness of their client’s body. Their thinking is ” if it works for me, it”ll work for you.”

This is not a “cookie-cutter” program. Each client receives a completely custom-designed workout and nutritional program.

2: Most trainers have their clients perform the same workout every time, over and over again, for months or even years. My clients enjoy an ever-evolving workout that changes as their bodies and needs change.

We believe in adapting and customizing each workout program to the needs, desires and abilities of each individual client.

We are very concerned to teach excellent exercise form and posture; this creates a balanced, athletic and attractive physique. An additional benefit of this approach is that it prevents injury.

Flexibility training is also part of the program it reduces risk of injury, increases positive circulation, optimizes nerve function, and improves the client’s sense of well being.

Our clients improve quickly and safely.

Check out the before and after photos section and see what you think-if we can do it for them, I can do it for you!

– Hillsboro Beach Personal Trainer Joe Kozma

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