Tralala Ltd

Tralala ltd. is dealing directly with top toy manufacturers in China. We are cooperating on a daily basis with our manufacturer partners for a large scope of product categories such as plastic, electronic, plush and wooden toys.

Our brands and mission

We carry our own lines of products and in store concepts and constantly bring new items to address customer's needs. More than offering toys only, our mission is to bring educational and innovative concepts to children and their parents, putting them at the center of our products development. Thanks to 15 years of experience, Tralala Ltd. is also offering sourcing services including design, product development, 3D modeling, 3D printing, packaging, graphic guideline, testing & QA, production follow up and logistic.

Quality process

We are committed to respect international quality and safety standards in order to offer products that match our customer expectations and requirements. Tralala Ltd is cooperating with international agreed labs such as SGS, ITS, TUV and appoint third party inspection companies based on AQL international inspection standards.


Our team is using its expertise to assist customers in ODM and OEM product development from the product idea to shipment including product design, mold opening, packaging design, quality insurance, production follow up and even logistic. Tralala Ltd. Is a one stop shop solution for companies looking for full garantee product development in China.