We’re offering an industry-defying service called Tax Assurance.

It’s simple, if you are a W2 employee, we will maintain your tax account for you for the low cost of $9.99 a month. All you have to do is send us a photo of your pay stub every pay period, and we’ll do the rest. You’ll get your tax return around the same time that you usually would -- the only difference being that you won’t have to file.

Get Tax Assurance today
for the low cost of $9.99 a month

We all pay at least one insurance bill every month. From auto insurance to home insurance, health insurance, to all other insurance bills we have. The Tax Defense Group believes in “assuring” clients instead of “insuring” them. And that’s the reason why we’re offering this revolutionary new service.

We’re a tax company that has been in business for over two decades. We have even serviced clients in all 50 states, and we’re ready to help you too!

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