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We value your enquiry. Our company is growing at a fast pace and we need to keep up with times with support ticketing and a seemless integration between your support enquiry and a speedy resolution. Once you log a support ticket, our processes and information sharing between each other become fully automated. We ask you to complete the support fields on the right and then your support enquiry is all underway. Should you have an urgent matter, please call us on 139 139. 24 hours 7 days.

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We have been dedicated to NEC telephone systems and voice platforms for 25 years and there isn’t much we don’t know, havn’t seen, or can’t fix with NEC voice platforms. Most of our team have over 15 years employment service with Nextel and some of us over 20+ years. We’re a great team, and we will be able to fix your NEC phone system fault. Guaranteed ! or your money back !

Our technicians are all NEC certified and in fact we used to work at NEC Australia so we understand their platforms backwards. Why use anyone else.

Our management team have been NEC Channel partners for 24 years. Now that’s commitment and a solid understanding of the core product line.

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We will respond to your enquiry within 30 minutes of you contacting us. Some faults can be fixed over the phone and we guarantee to attend your business within 24 hours to fix your fault.

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NEC SV8100 [ 2007 ]

NEC SV9100 [ 2014 ]

NEC Xen Topaz [ 2002 ]

NEC Xen Axis / Master [ 1998 ]

NEC DK/NDK Ranger [ 1995 ]

NEC Xen Alpha [ 1999 ]

NEC Xen IPK / IPK2[ 2001 ]

NEC SL2100 [ 2012 ]


Nextel can provide you with competitive quotations on NEC telephone system tech support. If you are moving, upgrading or simply need reprogramming, Call us today to discuss our rates for onsite servicing. We can service all NEC Key Telephone and PBX systems available in Australia.

Our main service focus is on NEC Key Telephone Systems, PB, NEC VoIP Switches and Panasonic PBX but our field technicians have considerable expertise in Samsung, Aria and Commander Systems. We have recently become an Avaya partner through our Commander Business Centre national partnership so if you need help with Avaya, give us a call.

We have been servicing Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland based businesses for over 25 years, so give us a call on1800 981 895 today.

Our services include :-

  • Telephone system relocations, upgrades, on site phone system maintenance
  • Telephone cabling and MDF Jumpering
  • Connection of new exchange lines and line audits
  • Moves, adds, changes for all telephone systems including handsets, headsets and peripherals
  • Music and Message on hold hardware and scripting
  • Cordless telephones, NEC DECT handsets and wireless telephony products