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Nextel Management Team

With a collective history of delivering high quality telephony and VOIP solutions, Nextel’s management team is experienced and well balanced..

Cameron Lyndon-James
(Managing Director)

At the age of 20, Cameron established ASAP Communications and over the next 12 years built the company to a staff of 50 with an annual turnover of $ 20 million…..
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Bryan Walker
Chief Operating Officer

Bryan joined Nextel as Chief Financial Officer in 2007 and soon thereafter assumed responsibility for all company operations. Bryan has a diverse background in both Information…
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Jeremy Low
Group Operations Manager

Jeremy joined Nextel as Group Projects Manager in 2013 and soon thereafter assumed the role of General Manager. Jeremy now manages and improves the daily operations…
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Simon Tarling
Director Voice & Call Tracking

Simon has over 20 years of high level sales experience across a number of IT related roles. Most recently he was Team Sales Manager for a well-known national Telecommunications…..
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Stephen Peterson
National Sales Director

Stephen is Nextels National Sales Director, he is responsible for the strategic development of sales and marketing company’s consumer division…..
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Anthony Williams
Group Projects Manager

Anthony heads up our Projects and Service division, managing our team of experienced technicians. Anthony has been working for Nextel for over 6 years….
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